So…it…has…been…a few weeks since I wrote a blog.

Half because I have been super busy (went to Alton Towers yesterday) and half because, well what do you keep talking about in this blog.

I sit on my bed, on the floor, on the sofa, in a cafe…no matter how many different seating options I still find a way of not writing a blog. I could be in a dog bed or on a yoga ball, I will somehow get out of it.

I am very good at writing ‘to do’ lists. If there was a ‘to do’ list of ‘to do’ lists, I could do it. But when it is filled with doing things that will benefit me. Another day will pass.

And the reason is, because I enjoy killing time. I have the cleanest flat you will ever see. It is spotless. I iron my underwear. Not a crease in sight. And if you want to get coffee…I am there. Let’s get coffee…the worst thing is. I hate coffee. I just like killing time.

I don’t understand how I fall into the trap week in week out. I have watched youtube videos on how not to do it, ironically…killing more time. I will have bunting around with inspirational messages on them…killing time. And I even tried to do Jerry Seinfelds ‘Don’t Break The Chain’…but spent more time on picking the pen and designing a calendar for my wall.

It baffles me. I have spent the past few years driving around the country, obsessing on comedy and loving being a part of it…and now it has finally become my job, I put off doing it.

It is silly that isn’t it. A footballer who finally turned pro wouldn’t start missing practice because he decided to hoover the skirting boards instead. I AM DAFT…and I want to change…because yet again I am afraid.

A theme that has run through these blogs seems to be fear.

The cause of that is the pressure (something I will talk about next week). If I don’t put off writing another blog.