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19 march 2018: comedy central at the comedy store

Good news. For me. You might hate this. I have just recorded my first bit of stand up for UK telly.

I am going to be appearing in 2 episodes of Comedy Central's 'Comedy Central At The Comedy Store' which was recorded at 'The Comedy Store' and will be shown on 'Comedy Central'.

I am so so so over the moon about this, as this was the show I used to watch as a teen, which probably lead me to thinking about doing stand up. I'll let you know when it's on.


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17 march 2018: melbourne comedy festival

I am returning to Australia. This year I am going to be taking part in the prestigious 'New Order' showcase for 2 weeks. And then I am going to be travelling around for 4 to do the Melbourne Comedy Roadshow.

It is a real treat to be asked by the festival because so many brilliant people have done it in the past. You name it, they've done it...unless you name Bernard Manning, Jim Davidson and Ainsley Harriet (he used to be a stand up you know).



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10 March 2018: bbc three life lessons

This guy is going to be recording a sketch for the second series of BBC Three's Life Lessons. 

Mine is going to be all about my love for the North Of England, where I am from. Hopefully they will let me record in Ashton Under Lyne market where I grew up and often got punched in the face by bigger boys.

Keep your eyes open for that coming out next month.